Sunday, November 30, 2008

November Update

I must apologize for my neglect towards this blog. My camera memory card has been “misplaced.” I often wonder how I achieve such randomness. I am fairly certain that I will be getting a new one soon, so the logging of my recipes will begin again shortly. I am trying something new tonight, so I have borrowed one of Jon Box’s memory cards.

Almost everything seems to be going right lately. Many of my family and friends know of my recent struggles with General Motors, having bought a defective Saturn. When a 2008 Vue ends up in the shop 7 TIMES for the same problem….well you can imagine my annoyance and frustration. We demanded that GM buy our Vue back from us and with no lawyers involved, it actually happened! We purchased a new Rav4 and have been happily driving since. The puppies are really comfortable in the far back area and traveling with them has been a breeze.

My little brother, Derrick just bought his first home. He is only 23 years old, has an awesome engineering job and is really moving in the right direction. My parents are flying out from Chicago to help him move and organize so Terry and I will be headed down to San Diego to see everyone and help out. Shortly after that we will be headed to Chicago for a frosty Christmas trip. I know at some point that these trips may not be feasible, but I am certainly happy that they currently are. There is just something about being in Chicago with my crazy fun family that makes the holiday for me.

The pups are getting HUGE, 41 and 43 pounds. They are too much fun, I adore spending my days with them. They spend their time exploring, retrieving, digging holes, and getting into trouble.

I hope this post finds all well and again, I promise to post more recipes soon. I have a “feeling” that I may be getting a new camera as a Christmas gift, so my pictures should be improving!

Best wishes,


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