Sunday, December 14, 2008

Family Fun in San Diego!

Derrick is a home 23, I am so proud of him! My parents flew in from Chicago for the weekend to help him with the move. Mom is just about the most organized person on the planet, so it is awesome to have her in your corner for events like this! Terry and I drove down from Orange County to San Diego after school on Thursday so that we could see everyone. We all went out to a local spot to watch the Bears play the Saints, there is NOTHING like watching a Bears game with Dad! It was a very fun, quick trip, it was amazing to see my family. It isn't so hard to say goodbye when you know you will be on a plane on your way to see them the next week!


Terry and Derrick having a beer at the sports bar.

Me and Dad, cheering on da' Bears!

Me and my little bro hanging in his new house!

Me and Mom, I wish I could hug her every day, hopefully some day she will be out here in CA!

Terry and I in our Bears gear.

Terry and I with the pups, Cal, Figgins and Halo!

Me and my baby boy Halo.

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C Frizz said...

So good to see you guys on Friday night!!! It is such a small world - can't believe your brother is living so close to us. Definitely call me whenever you're down this way!